"The aim of marketing is to know and understand
the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself."

Peter Drucker

Go Down!

Pay Per Click and Google Advertising. (Adwords)

Pay per click is something many have stayed away from. They have developed cold feet as they once committed to throwing money at it and got nowhere fast. Many things you can throw money at, hosting for one where you usually get what you pay for. But PPC is not one of these.

Tailor Made PPC campaigns

We tailor a precise and careful strategy after detailed review and mirror spend to organic growth of your website so only unexpected turnover or net profit contributes to a budget. For instance our strategy has proven that a law company such as UK Claim Laywers4U can compete alongside Irwin Mitchel for only a £1000 per annum budgetary spend.

Most remark on the incredible nature of this claims so let us show you the facts in person. Some of this information is sensitive so we do not exhibit this publically.

If you wish to make a no-obligation consultation in person please arrange as and when convenient by telephone, contact form or email. We often show our clients a growth chart to illustrate organic growth versus spend. This usually comes from the top end of gross revenue.

This information is sourced from SEM rush which is the same competition review platform used by Yell Agency. SEM rush can show you exactly what your competitors spend on PPC and when. You will quickly see that successful rivals online spend as growth develops.