"The aim of marketing is to know and understand
the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself."

Peter Drucker

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We are a digital marketing agency

For us it's all about digital communication through organic growth, strategic planning and optimising user engagement. We are OSO digital.

We offer a bespoke website design service comprising a design lead process to come to a look and feel that you as a client are happy with and approve at stage to minimise the development process.

Research your competitors

We conduct research into the competition both selected by the client and after competition review and base our designs around search engine optimisation requirements and tried and tested design principals. These principals form part of our user experience design or UX.

We offer a breadth of expertise in integrated digital marketing services. Our team of talented and highly experience professionals can assist you in planning a digital marketing strategy that is second to none.

Our key services range from Website Concept, SEO and Social Media Marketing, Web development to Database design and app development.

Website Concept

Website Concept

We will sit down with you to discuss your requirements. What results do you want to get from your website? What is its main purpose? What systems do you need to include? and more importantly we will get an idea of your business and be able to work together towards your goal. Websites should be a useful tool which help build your business or reduce your admin costs not a drain on resources and money.

Website Creation

Now we have a better understanding of your business we can start working on the design of the website. We will ask you what websites you like? What websites you hate? What your current logo is like or design you a new one? You may just want a better version of your current one? We can tailormake it to your specifications.

Website Design
Website Content

Website Content and Databases

Do you require a custom backend designing? What kind of content do you want to use? We can supply new content for your website and help you figure out what back end systems you need. Would you like your entire website to be editable by you or do you just need a blog or news programme? Off the shelf packages may save you time but in the long run does it really suit your needs?

Search Engine Optimisation

All of our websites are built with SEO in mind and after our concept phase we will know what keywords to use. We will also research your competitors and our goal is to get you above them using organic search results together with PPC campaigns. We are SEO experts that don’t use bad SEO tactics, your website should be maintained at a high ranking with all of your organic links.

Website Search Engine Optimisation
Website Social Media Marketing

Website Social Media Marketing

A website build maybe complete but a website will never actually be finished. Now you have the look and functionality you want you need to promote the website via social media. You need to be posting to anything that is suitable for your company whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked in, Pinterest, SnapChat or You Tube - we are here to help you manage your Social Media Campaigns. We can post on your behalf using the right content and images or give you some tips on what and when to post.